Functional softball strength and conditioning exercises:

I really like what Dave Schmitz does with his resistance band training, and use the bands in my practice as well. This is a video about exercising for trunk stability/abdominals work-out. Dave’s website is http://  To order bands: click here

The following videos are excerpts from “John Barnes’ Fireside Chat” DVD

The following is an excerpt from “Strolling Under the Skin” DVD by the French hand surgeon, Jean Claude Guimberteau, and his research team.

The following excerpt describes how the fascia thickens over time and how important it is to MOVE and STRETCH! The “fuzz” is the fascia.

The following video is a demonstration of how to use the foam roll for self-treatment. Scott Van Niekirk is a physical therapist who teaches with John Barnes and is a wonderful presenter/teacher/clinician.

Mini lunge matrix without weights. Move as tolerated. Make sure that the knee does not bend further forward than the foot.

Mini lunge matrix with shoulder movements

Inspirational Video

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